Posted by: Knightbird | July 7, 2010

The Program Manager Training Matrix

After getting my 10 hour certification in Job Instruction at the recent Training Within Industry (TWI) Summit in Henderson, Nevada, I gained new insight into an issue we have dealt with for the past 6 years, standardization of our program management. The insight is this: we can develop a Training Matrix for program managers that can utilize our existing skill set of Program Management to bring all of our program management to world class. Job Instruction, Job Relations and Job Methods will play a part in this initiative. Let me explain what I think our future state looks like.

First, we are using an A3 to plan and implement our program. I have asked one of my Division Directors to have one of her staff who is experienced in training to coordinate this entire effort, starting with building the A3. This now means that she is responsible for assembling the cross divisional/cross functional team that will work on the plan. Planning involves some rather concrete steps.

First, the Problem Statement defines what we view as the problem. We believe we are addressing. Then a great problem statement makes it possible to focus on the real issues involved. The Team then envisions a future state that resembles world class. Next, the Team does a fact based analysis of the problem. At this point, they ask the 5 Why’s, do a Root Cause Analysis, map the Existing Process, and use the other tools of lean to fully understand what we are currently doing and why it needs improvement. The next step is to design the experiment: in this case, define what skills are necessary, which should be taught first, develop the standard work (much of which is already available), create the job breakdown sheet, train trainers, establish performance measures, and whatever else is deemed necessary to start the program.

The Training Matrix gives us an incredible tool to make this a true program. Our Lean Coordinator is already using a Training Matrix to train our Lean Champions. It lists the skills they need to learn, including value stream mapping, 5S + 2, CEDAC, Affinity Diagrams, and others. We have a visual presentation of the various stages of readiness for our Lean Champions. A 1 means they have not yet been introduced to the concept. A 5 means they are trained to conduct Kaizen using the skill trained. They get to a 5 by assisting in Kaizen, conducting a Kaizen with assistance, then conducting a solo Kaizen.

Some of the skills being considered for the Program Manager Training Matrix include Lean 101, Job Relations, Job Instruction, Job Methods, Budgeting, Supervision, Grantwriting, Project Management, Contracting, Reporting, and Document Management. Each Program Manager will received instruction in Chugachmiut’s standard work. Those with performance and teaching skill will train other Program Managers using our JI methods.

When the Program Manager Training Matrix is fully implemented, we will be able to develop our people to a very high performance level. This means our customers will be receiving the best value they can deliver. New program managers will be able to quickly bring their performance levels up to the high standards we expect of all of our employees.

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