Posted by: Knightbird | February 11, 2011

Lean at the Alaska Department of Health and Social Services

I wrote some time ago about the use of Lean principles at the Alaska Department of Health and Social Services. While attending a meeting of the Alaska Native Health Board and the Alaska Tribal Health Directors, Commissioner Bill Streur and members of his executive staff addressed the group. One pleasant statement had to do with the phenomenal success at the Division of Public Assistance (DPA) in both process improvement and deployment of improvements across the division. Commissioner Streur stated his desire to utilize lean in other Divisions. DPA is to be commended for their initiative and desire to serve their customers better. Thank you.

I remember trying to talk to former Commissioner Karleen Jackson about Lean management. She put me off to Bill Hogan, her Deputy Commissioner at the time. Mr. Hogan became Commissioner after Ms. Jackson, and it was during his tenure that the DPA Kaizen happened in Anchorage. Mr. Streur was the Deputy Commissioner at the time and was announced this week at the Commissioner. Lean has a foothold in Alaska state government, and I hope the Governor will pay some attention to what is being done at DPA and DHSS.

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