Posted by: Knightbird | February 12, 2011

Chugachmiut Program Managers Training Initiative

As we try to continuously improve and sustain our service to Chugachmiut patients, clients and beneficiaries, we have been advancing our knowledge about TWI through our Program Managers Training Initiative, which I have blogged about before. A cross divisional/cross functional team has been working to identify the training content areas. Their initial content training areas have been rolled into a training matrix. The Knowledge we are looking to train include: Hiring and Termination, Labor Law, Risk Management, Reporting (for grants), Budget Development and Modification, and Understanding Financial Reporting. We have developed standard work  for each Knowledge area and are finalizing job breakdowns for each. We will being training later this month. I love the concept, and the manner in which my team is executing. They own the program, and they want to make it one that serves their customer—the Chugachmiut Program Manager—with the best value possible. If you haven’t looked at TWI, please visit the TWI Institute and examine the many fine resources available there.

Here is an image of our training matrix.


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