Posted by: Knightbird | February 14, 2011

Tough Training Questions

My Program Manager’s Training team has been meeting all morning to try and finalize their first Job Instruction (JI) event. As I posted last week, there is a Training Matrix in place listing the content areas to train. The tough part is to determine how to figure out what constitutes the Standard Work, and what is left to the experience of the manager.  I think of it this way: in our patient journey, we can map the process quite well. However, the 13 minutes, on average, that our medical provider has with the patient belongs to the medical provider and the patient. The purpose for the patient’s visit and the provider’s advice are a function of training and experience. It’s not standard work that we can train to but knowledge and experience that we recruit for (that can be advanced through other types of training and experience).

Why I mention this is: it is utterly amazing the knowledge we are gaining through the experience of constituting a training team. We are accomplishing a few goals. Our team is absolutely engaged in learning about JI. The are gaining a great understanding of what support is necessary to help a program manager accomplish their goal of administering an outstanding program. They are learning about other divisions and their programs. They are engaging the finance division in helping find solutions to their information needs. They are breaking down cross functional and cross divisional boundaries. I am sure there is a lot that I am missing but my point is, they are continuing to advance their ownership over the Program Manager processes they work in. It’s just wonderful for a CEO to observe.

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