Posted by: Knightbird | February 15, 2011

Exhausting Morning ;-)

I have been at work for about 2 hours now, and want to tell you what my day is like. I have spent time thinking this morning about our “Maximizing our Facilities Use and Value” Hoshin. Since we are not tied to traditional strategic planning notions, we can initiate discussion when the need presents itself. Because of Lean Management successes, my executive team is able to spend time looking at Value capture and discuss it. We may not know exactly how to capture that Value, but the beauty of where we are at is that we are aware of it, and we harness the creative energy of so many people.

As I wrote before, the lean influence on the utilization of space has been accelerating, and while we own existing buildings that are difficult to reconfigure, it may actually be worthwhile for us to enter into a configuration if the lean savings and value creation are existent. I have been very enamored of the St. John’s Mercy clinic consolidation in Rolla, MO. The use of patient and provider work flow was fully considered, as was utilization of technology. I believe that this type of design and construction will start entering administrative construction soon, if it isn’t already happening.

Early this morning, I asked for an employee to do some research into the policy’s that have been adopted by management and our board. We know that our policies need to be reviewed and updated regularly, then approved with any changes made. The project was complete and in my mailbox within 2 hours.

Then I called a tribal member who left me a message yesterday to talk about her concerns. I also checked an email that provided me some information I had requested yesterday from a tribal health official. I restated my request for the balance of the information. I then forwarded a letter I had written about lean healthcare and treatment of childhood trauma to the Alaska Commissioner of Health and Social Services.

I also spend time with an employee sorting through an eligibility issue for an applicant. With our Lean Management, my door is open to allow me help employee’s solve problems and issues. With my legal background, I was able to quickly move through the information and help her determine that the applicant was not eligible.

I then spent time with a Division Director discussing a Hoshin she is refining for integrating our Information Technology. We have talked about our aging server, a number of software packages we own and others we are looking at, our telemedicine system, our conferencing system and a variety of other technology we have adopted with out  the benefit of a strategy. For example, we currently manage our documents centrally, with literally no lost documents in the past 2 years, and a target for retrieval time of less than 5 minutes. If we continue to improve our Lean Finance processes, we see the potential for tens of thousands of dollars in savings, greater opportunities for information exchange and reduction in the amount of effort currently required to maintain our records.

I then spoke to our IT Manager about his long term vision, and some of the ideas he has for improvements. We discussed the need for communicating with his co-workers what his knowledge is and refine it with their knowledge. We talked about the longer term compatibility of our systems and integration where we can.

Finally, I just spoke to another Division Director about a hiring decision, and shared information with one of her employee’s in the HR Department about skills that aren’t being taught in the public schools today and how we should address some of the deficiencies our employees come to us with.

Now that I have come back to writing this  post, I have been at work for slightly over 3 hours, and feel incredibly productive. I have served my customers quickly. I have slipped in some advocacy work, reinforced the Lean Culture of Chugachmiut, and reached out to another tribal members. I have also helped set the stage for future improvement and am helping to develop our understanding of Hoshin Kanri. And I had no meetings to fight fires, went to the Gemba twice and learned more about our ongoing initiatives through the new A3’s that have been posted. No one was angry or hostile, there were no discipline problems to address, and it’s not even lunchtime yet.

In the words of my youngest son, Yaaaaaay.

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