Posted by: Knightbird | February 18, 2011

No Blame, No Shame

I had an interesting conversation today with an employee regarding our policy of “No Blame, No Shame.” She was telling me that when we explained our policy during her interview, she had no idea what it was. Intellectually she had an idea of what it was and thought it was a wonderful concept, but she had no real life experience.

Then she described her prior work place and how no one brought problems forward because of their fear (and I am using her word here) about losing their jobs. Instead, they tried to fix the problem without anyone knowing about it, or found workarounds that keep the problem secret.

When she encountered our policy in the work place, she said she finally understood: “that’s what it looks like.” It’s an attitude that encourages problems to be surfaced publicly and for deep, lasting solutions to be found in a team environment. You don’t fear being chewed out for the defect or losing your job over it.

I asked her what her friends thought about our work environment when she spoke about it to them. She replied with a response I have heard when I ask this same question of other employees: “Do you have any job openings.”


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