Posted by: Knightbird | May 25, 2011

“Become a Master (Respect Yourself)”

My culture (Tlingit Indian and Aleut) reveres Elders, those individuals who have distinguished themselves as they move into the later years of life. Elders are given honor during their life, and their words are important. I was privileged to listen to Norm Bodek at the recently concluded TWI Summit. The title to this blog comes from Norm’s Keynote presentation. Norm certainly qualifies as an Elder and the wisdom he shared confirms it.

Becoming a Master seems to be outstanding advice. We can do it, but it takes “Purposeful Effort.” Matthew Syed uses this phrase in his outstanding book, “Bounce: Mozart, Federer, Picasso, Beckham, and the Science of Success.” Building upon Dr. Anders Ericcson’s thesis regarding 10,000 hours of effort required to become an expert at certain skills, becoming a master means dedicating time and effort to achieve a certain result. Since starting as the Executive Director at Chugachmiut, I have dedicated considerable time and effort to understanding the care and nurture required for administering a non-profit. This includes becoming proficient at Lean Management philosophy, studying Deming, TWI, and healthcare as well as learning how to respect those who work with me. While I don’t consider myself a Master, I do have understanding as well as a new goal of becoming a Master.

Respect yourself is also great advice. I am not talking about narcissism. True respect, in the Bodek world, means believing in yourself, knowing what you have to do to be successful and working hard to get there. I agree with that.

Thank you Norm for sharing your wisdom with me. You have helped me learn more about becoming a better person.

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