Posted by: Knightbird | August 31, 2011

Relentless Elimination of Waste

I am extremely proud of my staff and our relentless pursuit of the elimination of waste. I have a couple of examples to report on.

With our staff spread out over 9 communities, we make a lot of conference calls. Our existing long distance conference call provider is very expensive, and was not predisposed to much negotiation. My IT Manager investigated other provider offerings, and found an opportunity to reduce our cost by about 85%. One recent call was monitored that would have cost us $65.18 through our old carrier, but cost just $9.39 through our alternate provider.

We have just started to look at eliminating preparation of board and meeting packets by preparing PDF reports with bookmarks for easy location of documents, and using Apple iPads for distribution. Extensive staff time is spent in preparing and printing reports, then assembling them. We have not yet quantified potential savings because the initiative is just starting. However, by making this material available to board members and key staff on a regular basis should eliminate questions and provide sound factual information for effective decision making.

Our Ideas Program and database has been in place not for a couple of weeks and is being used regularly. Our employee’s present improvement ideas that are then recorded and acted on. Many ideas are just do it. Some require teams to work on and others are major events requiring finding resources. The goal though is to respect the innovative capabilities of our employees and give them an easy method to present ideas to the organization.

Improving the value we deliver to our tribal members is a job we all have, and my employees are delivering.


  1. Re iPads replacing paper, you might be interested in this:

    • Thank you for the link and information.

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