Posted by: Knightbird | October 1, 2011

Authority to Install a Telephone

Chugachmiut just held it’s quarterly board meeting today. One of my Division Director Reports contained a statement that they had purchased 3 generators to ensure the viability of various vaccines during power outages in our Village Clinics. It was not something I had knowledge about, nor did I feel left out that I did not have that knowledge. It is this behavior that I have been cultivating among my Division Director.

Six years ago I received a call from a different Division Director who is no longer with us. She asked me if it would be OK to have a telephone installed on one of our Regional Clinic offices. I asked why she was asking me for permission. She said that it was the prior Executive Director practice to require approval for all purchases. I asked if she had a need for the telephone, and she answered yes. I asked her if she had the resources to install the phone, and she said yes. I then told her she was running the Division and that she had her answer—it was in her answer.

Give your Managers the authority to acquire the tools they need to do the work you ask them to do. That’s great management.

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