Posted by: Knightbird | October 3, 2011

Keeping Current on 5S—Workplace Organization

It always amazes me when a 5S event is conducted in an administrative environment. Lots of paper gets recycled. People are packrats, myself included. Our finance department 5S’d an office recently, and filled a number of recycle bins. And they are not small bins. They have wheels and are about 50%-75% larger than a standard 30 gallon garbage can. Most of the resource materials they use are online and updated regularly.

When we did a 5S at our regional clinic 5 or so year ago, we came up with handouts for patients that exceeded 10 years in age. Outdated information is not safe. And getting rid of the handouts was traumatic for at least one employee.

When we did a 5S in our Village Clinics years ago, we were finding plenty of medical inventory exceeding 10 years over their safe use date. I fully believe in the 5S concept.

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