Posted by: Knightbird | October 6, 2011

Respect for People

One of my employee’s sent me an email string about an issue we faced recently. The email explained a telephone call that my employee received from an executive with another Native organization. The executive would not listen to facts. She was judgmental and angry. She said things that were very unprofessional as she ranted and raved. She asked for someone higher up in the organization to talk to, and that includes possibly me. She was given the facts from a consummate professional, and when confronted with calmness, reason and logic, the executive lost it. How sad.

I sent a response to my employee telling her that we were fortunate to be living in a culture of respect. My employee said “I was just mortified. Her communication style is so far outside the boundaries of acceptability at Chugachmiut it is beyond description. Sometimes I forget what it is like out there in the real world and these reminders make me more than grateful to work at Chugachmiut. After eight years under Lean followed by TWI and your leadership when I run across this type of communication style I find it shocking because I forget it actually exists. I forget because I am immersed in such a positive culture at Chugachmiut.”

We know that an organization can only become a great organization if its people are treated with respect and taught how to work together to continuously improve the products they work together to provide. I spend a lot of my time, which I have because we are a lean organization, setting the best example of leadership I can. That means respecting people.


  1. Great post. The difference in people’s lives lean and respect for people can make is not appreciated by many. But it is profound.

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