Posted by: Knightbird | December 1, 2011

Norm Bodek

I had the pleasure of listening to Norm Bodek speak to a small group at the TWI Summit in Orlando, FL May 16-17, 2011. Norm was the founder of Productivity Press and is responsible for translating and publishing most of the books from Japan about the Toyota Production System, and many books written in the US. He was talking about his latest book and the research he was doing into the Toyota understanding of Respect for Employees. He told us of 2 phrases he was taught by Takashi Harada, a track and field coach in Japan who has achieved incredible results through what is referred to as the “Harada Method.” While I have not read his book yet (my list is pretty long and progress slow), I want to share a link to three articles Norm wrote using this research. The link is: Zenjidoka: A Simple Tool for a Complex Problem – Solving Toyota’s Quality Problems. There are three articles you can read. Fascinating discussion of building people.

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