Posted by: Knightbird | December 28, 2011

More Non-Traditional Lean Applications

Yesterday I shared some non-traditional uses of Lean at Chugachmiut. Here are a few more examples.

Chugachmiut uses personal service contracts in our villages to get some of our work completed. With the many small pools of funding we have, we cannot establish full time positions for each function we require. Each contract needs to be drafted, reviewed and executed, assigned to a budget code and accounted for. We have a Lean team working on this issue. An A-3T has been filled in and Kaizen held over a few sessions. Standard work is being developed and training is a component of the revised processes.

Our travel clerk has done a phenomenal job of eliminating waste in her processes. Each Trip Request is logged in digital format and available on our Sharepoint Server. We monitor our process for submitting Trip Reports and receipts. The improvement in this system has saved us from considerable waste in preparing and monitoring trip activity. It also saved us considerable time during our annual audit because the documentation was readily available to our auditors. The improvements also facilitate the work of accounts payable through prompt reporting of credit card receipts.

Safety is also an important part of our Respect for People philosophy. We have a safety team working pursuant to an A-3T to make our workplace as safe as possible. Our new employee orientation includes a safety briefing for our building. Our new work is extending to digital training, safety drills, regular checks and maintenance of safety equipment and enhanced signage. It’s interesting to see the changes. We have new building maps posted showing exits. We have a video demonstrating operation of the fire extinguishers. Doors are posted with safety signs asking to open the door slowly to be considerate of people who may be attempting to open the door on the other side. It’s wonderful to see.

And you know what? None of this is dictated or mandated by me. It happens because it’s the right thing to do. Respect People and Continuously Improve. It’s the culture.

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