Posted by: Knightbird | January 6, 2012

When Employee’s Own Their Processes

One of my Division Directors, who was an early adopter of our Lean culture, has achieved wonderful results from her staff. I want to share one story with you. Our HR Department hires employees in 9 locations. I have written about their wonderful work before.
Last fiscal year, using limited budget funds; HR designed an HR Conference Orientation Center with a smart board. We provide a full day of orientation for our employees covering all of our benefits, policies and an introduction to our other employees in the Anchorage Office. We have been flying new hires in to Anchorage and paying for their airfare, room and per diem. It’s a considerable expense. HR is now able to use their Smart Board through the Internet to orient new employees at their home location. I have been informed that 3 more remote orientations by Smart Board will cover the cost of the Smart Board and all savings after that, which could be significant in some years, will accrue to the organization.
When employees own their processes, they want to make them better and better. And we reap the benefits.

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