Posted by: Knightbird | January 9, 2012

Using Surveys

During the past week I bought a couch and a motor vehicle. At the conclusion of each transaction, I was called robotically for a survey, which I went through. One survey was to assess the performance of the delivery team that delivered the couch to my son’s apartment. They were very good. I was assigned a time window for delivery and they called about 25 minutes before arrival. When they were at the gate, they called again and let us know they were here. The couch was brought in promptly by 2 delivery men who were extremely courteous and helpful. Each wore a professional uniform with their names embroidered on it. I filled out the paperwork they required (one of which was on a great little handheld device) and they departed afterwards.

Within 30 minutes of the delivery I received the survey call. It was just a few questions preceded by brief but complete instructions. The questions were asked; I punched in my response and given an opportunity to leave a voice message.  The survey thanked me for my participation and it was over quickly. I was not offended in any way by the survey and was happy to take it.

The survey for the vehicle transaction happened the day after delivery. The explanatory phase seemed very long and was repetitive. I almost hung up, but the very good sales manager had asked me if I would respond. So I waited impatiently through the introduction. Then they repeated instructions twice in a way that made me feel as if they thought I were an idiot. I answered the questions (there were more than the prior survey). When I was given an opportunity to leave a voice mail I did, and let them know very clearly that I felt offended by the survey and that they shouldn’t assume their customers can’t follow simple instructions.

The surveys seem to drive positive behaviors by the employees. The sales manager we worked with was excellent. He gave us a fair price on the vehicle, walked us through all the details about the vehicle, introduced us to important people for service and was extremely friendly and personable throughout. There were no high-pressure sales tactics used. The financing staff worked quickly and effectively to help us do the application. I was happy with staff, just not with the survey.

The furniture delivery staff was also aware of the survey and was extremely helpful. They seemed happy to do the work they do and serving their customers.

If you administer surveys, please make it easy to answer and friendly. Treat us as if we have some intelligence. There, I have vented.

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