Posted by: Knightbird | January 24, 2012

More Lean Implementation for This Non-Profit

I have written about our Lean Grant Writing program, but when we are successful, we have an actual grant to implement. The handoff between the granting agency and Chugachmiut has been full of defects in the past. The grant award must be received, approved and signed, input into the financial accounting system, sent for strategic review on mission fit and deployed through the assigned Division Director, their Program Manager and HR for starting the hiring process. With a significant number of grant awards arriving throughout the year, the process must be well thought out and well executed.

One of my Lean Champions is a Program Manager for organizational knowledge management. She prepared an A-3 for the Grant Award Process, and it is a fine piece of work. Our Executive Team reviewed it this afternoon.

The A-3 she prepared has the required information: Problem Statement, a mapped process with a Swim Lane developed to reflect the grant award pathway, a Target Statement, Analysis and Implementation Plan with a Check and Adjust.  Standard work has been recorded, which means organizational knowledge is preserved. A Job Breakdown sheet has been prepared from the standard work. Now the process can be taught to the Program Managers through the Program Manager Training Matrix.

Non-Profit operations at Chugachmiut benefit from Lean Thinking just as much as Healthcare does. Once you learn how to see waste (defects) and learn the process for eliminating waste, your organization can take off for the benefit of its customers. My employees are proving it every day. That’s why I am no longer involved in operations. I am a strategic leader, and by implementing Lean Thinking, I am achieving our strategic goals for efficiency and quality.

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