Posted by: Knightbird | February 1, 2012

Inspired Employees

My HR manager and her Division Director fulfilled a commitment last week. They went to one of our Villages to train Tribal finance and administrative staff. This work had been started, but left incomplete a few months ago. When I returned to the office today, my HR manager was excited to tell me about the results.

The Tribal staff had made progress on outlining their “standard work,” and it was amazing. As relayed to me, training from another organization was contained in 2 manuals over one inch thick each. After 3 days of training, the staff was more confused that educated. Our Lean Training was conducted over 4 days (2 days were added with being weathered in and more work was done that just the training) and led to a Job Breakdown Sheet of about 6 pages in length completion of which would allow even an Executive Director to do the work.

The Tribal Chief and Tribal Administrator received a report out from staff and by all accounts were very impressed with the results.

And the employees are ecstatic. They learned how to develop standard work and improve it. They were trained in a process that can now be completed efficiently and defect free.

For me, it means a greater ability to meet the requirements of our mission statement, which requires that we “strengthen the tribes.”

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