Posted by: Knightbird | May 17, 2012

TWI Summit Presentation

What a fantastic experience it was to present the Chugachmiut story to assorted health care and business leaders from around the world. My presentation was 75 minutes long and talked about the wonderful work accomplished by the employees who work for Chugachmiut. I started out with the early successes we had, mixed in a couple of new ones including the pension audit story, our lean clinic design efforts and our Program Manager training initiative.

The main point of my presentation was the use of Lean Management tools like 3P (production, process, people), Kaizen, Standard Work and Root Cause Analysis (The 5 Why’s) to try and reach down to the root cause of chronic disease and develop a healing protocol. Chugachmiut is working towards integrating its primary care and behavioral health programs for the purpose of helping patients seek true healing and happiness. This is a lofty goal and one well worth pursuing.

I was able to meet wonderful lean practitioners from around the world and hear their stories as well. Joe Swartz from St. Francis in Indiana shared their lean implementation story and the wonderful results they have achieved already. His new book. written with my friend Mark Graban and titled “Healthcare Kaizen: Engaging Front-Line Staff in Sustainable Continuous Improvements,” will be published in the next couple of months.

A new friend from Spain, Agata Pawlukojc, also attended. She is one of the few faithful readers of this blog and I appreciated her coming to introduce herself. Doc Hall, Professor Emeritus at Indiana University and founder of the Association for Manufacturing Excellence also introduced himself and shared knowledge with me (as did his lovely wife). Greg Williams, PResident of the Western Region Association for Manufacturing Excellence also reached out to me and the state of Alaska. They would like to become involved in Alaska. Many more participants spoke with me and shared the wonderful ideas they have. Thank you all.


  1. […] about their Lean initiatives on the Chugatchmiut website. You can also read about Anderson’s recent presentation at the TWI Summit. As he discussed in Podcast #71, they are working to create “a fact-based, non-judgmental, no […]

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