Posted by: Knightbird | July 24, 2012

The Wonderful Worker Bee

Chugachmiut’s Lean Coordinator is quite skilled, and has done work for the big health care providers in Anchorage, with our blessing. What he works on are extremely broken processes in our partners that we want to fix. The last process he worked on was the development of a current state for a process that causes us lots of waste and delay. We don’t manage the process or it would already be fixed.

Without even establishing a future state, one employee (Worker Bee) with the broken process was ecstatic with the results of the current state. She could see the process she worked in visually, and clearly. She was anxious to start working on other aspects of her process. She wants to learn, like almost every other employee I’ve introduced Lean to, in order to do her job better.

Worker Bee’s almost immediately see the value of Lean in their work world. They are so amazed that there is a system out there that helps to serve their customer so well. And, doesn’t require perfection.

The real Wonder is that Managers, and particularly top Executives, don’t get to see, or hear, about the Wonderful Worker Bee. They are too busy in meetings, demanding results and listening only to those who are loud enough to be heard. I long for the day when this generation of leadership moves on, and more Worker Bees move into positions of management and Executive leadership with the will to introduce Lean. What a better health care system we will have then.

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