Posted by: Knightbird | July 24, 2012

What Progressive States Look Like

In May of 2011, House Bill 1965 passed in the Washington State Legislature:

“The legislature finds that adverse childhood experiences are a powerful common determinant of a child’s ability to be successful at school and, as an adult, to be successful at work, to avoid behavioral and chronic physical health conditions, and to build healthy relationships. The purpose of this chapter is to identify the primary causes of adverse childhood experiences in communities and to mobilize broad public and private support to prevent harm to young children and reduce the accumulated harm of adverse experiences throughout childhood.

“The legislature recognizes that many community public health and safety networks across the state have knowledge and expertise regarding the reduction of adverse childhood experiences and can provide leadership on this initiative in their communities.”

Washington State is the first State to adopt, through it’s legislature, an ACE’s informed agenda dedicated to improving the lives of adults and children. Small pockets of ACE’s adoption are happening in Alaska, but not enough yet. Given our leadership over the past couple of decades, I don’t see this happening soon.

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