Posted by: Knightbird | September 12, 2012

Chugachmiut Accounting

The organizers of the Lean Accounting Summit, going on this week in Orlando, FL, are a savvy bunch of lean practitioners. They are also risk takers for starting their Summits using lean as a model for transforming the practice of accounting. And this year, they have added Information Technology to their plate of offerings.

I am fortunate to have both an accounting manager and IT manager who have bought into lean. I have been advocating for both at Chugachmiut for years. In 2004, one of our first Kaizen was in our payroll process. We have managed a little bit of lean in IT, but mostly 5S. I have been asking for an IT future state for years.

Both of these individuals are attending this years Summit. A measure of how our accounting function has improved is the invitation my accounting manager received from the organizers to give a short presentation on accounting at Chugachmiut. We have some good things to report, and a lot of “treasures” to address. My guess is that we will probably make a full presentation at next years Summit, and our IT department will start building its reputation as an exemplary lean practitioner.


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