Posted by: Knightbird | January 23, 2015

How to Respect Employees as You Achieve Lean Results

Employees who put their heart and soul into improvement activities, and who respect the creation of greater value for their customers, are extremely valuable. One of the most damaging actions you can take with this employee is to terminate them because they have done their job so well. Instead, there are a variety of choices you can make as you improve the workplace. The best one is to adopt a hierarchy that guides staff redeployment. Here is a recommendation.

Adopt a hierarchy for redeployment of staff when time is freed up is emphasized.
1. Assigned to reduce the backlog of work.
2. Workload increased as existing work is eliminated or time reduced.
-Reduce outside contracts
3. Assign to more participation in improvement events, eventually moving to facilitation of events held within work area.
-5 S
-More experienced assigned to Lean Government Department
-Perhaps loaned to partners to help assist their efforts
4. Redeploy to other jobs.
5. Reduce through attrition (replace 1 of every 2 to 4 departures.

The end result leaves you with a motivated employee who wants to make the workplace better. You will benefit tremendously as a manager to have this employee working for you.

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