Posted by: Knightbird | January 20, 2017

One Lean Value for Education

First a disclaimer. I am laying out a value analysis based on information from 2 school districts, the one I live in, and another one where a Lean analysis was done on interruptions faced by teachers during an average year. The interruption averaged 116.1 hours annually per teacher and 104 hours are deemed recoverable (avoidable). I am assuming teachers have 195-day contracts with 5 in service days and work 1,265 hours during that 195-day contract at a salary of $60,000. The math goes like this for 3,000 teachers, an estimate for my district.

104 recoverable hours for 3000 teachers equals 312,000 hours. $60,000 for an annual salary works out to $47.23 per hour. 312,000 hours has a value of $14.8 million. That’s the equivalent of 246 teacher years.

When you hire teachers to deliver a curriculum, interruptions are considered waste. During the 104 hours that are recoverable, students as customers are not receiving any value for that 312,000 hours. Taxpayers are losing that value as well.

Is recovery of $$14.8 million in value possible? Absolutely (again, these are assumptions). Will it reduce the cost to the school district? Probably not. Will value be created. Most likely.

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